Ori is one of the biggest Orishas in our religion

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Ori is one of the biggest Orishas in our religion

Post  joaquin on Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:14 pm

Ori is one of the biggest Orishas in our religion. Ori is the personal deity of mankind. Ori is me , myself and I. Ori is the center, the head, the interior of one's being. Ori symbolizes the liberty of of our emprisoned spirit. when we are about to be born, we present ourselves in front of Olodumare with our Ori. We then choose who w...ill be our guardian angel. At that moment, the Ire's (blessings) come in and affirm that they will accompany you. "I am Ire Omo (so you may have children), Ire Owo (so you may have wealth), etc. But since everything in Heaven must be in harmony, the osogbos (negativity) accompanies you as well.

We choose our parents, the country we are born in and our ethnicity is also selected by us. The destiny with which any person is born with depends on the Ori we chose in Heaven. Ori is the symbol of presdestination It is the good in the bad of mankind; in other words, the karma and dharma of a person. Each Ori is different and is considered a personal deity and he is interested only that one fulfils the pact made at the foot of Olodumare. Many times one will change one's life or path and Ori accepts it as changing the osogbos into ires.

Ori does receive offerings in the form of sacrifices regularly where our guardian angel serves as his interpreter. Ori is the symbol / emblem of adoracion of one's self. Ori is placed inside a calabash with a cover. Ori is washed with ewes (herbs) of the person's guardian angel. Osun is drawn inside and ewes are placed inside and the following is placed inside:

1 small coconut, gold, silver, ivory, oral, jet, dirt from different locations as specified by the guardian angel, ile kan, epó, efún, ori leri eya oro, ekú, eyá, eró, obi, osun, colá, lorí, tuché, obi motiguao, anidan, arun, obi edún, orobbo, aira, 1 ikin, leri of tha animal that the guardian angel ate,ewe of a person's sign, seeds, purslane, ewe tete, atiponlá, ewe dun dun, ikoko root, aragba, añil root, 1 otan belonging to the guardian angel.

This small calabash is covered with beads of the person's guardian angeland 41 cowries are also placed upon is in decoration. Ori lives in a chest or basket which are covered at the person's individual taste. Thge secrets of its sign are in the calabash as well. A person may wish to place inside personal objects which may be acceptable with their guardian angel. Ori is covered with kerchiefs of different colors. The chest or basket may be lined with whatever the person wishes to line it with or whatever their tastes dictate. a person must determine how to do their Ori and not the person who is giving it to them or rather constructing it.

Suyere for Ori:

Bemoba lowo lowo

Ire bogbo

Ori ninoro fun
Ori mi iguo mi (name of the saint)

Each is independent and different for iguoros and babalawos. If the person who is receiving Ori is an oluwo, then the calabash gourd is washed with ewe Ifá and the ewe of the guardian angel is also put inside the gourd. Afterwards the 16 meyis are painted in the outside and in the center Oshe Tura, the person's sign and then Otura She. Further, whatever Orunmila indicates.

Salutation to Orí:

Ori mocuele atete miran atete cueni

Korisha, korisha tibani

We leyin, or'r enin ye bojun

bogbo tobadó mi moaro tomi mi

Orí eni ni Alagbola

Radunori nilamío iwó

Algbó badun
Orí mi, ocha lerí, aguan guan loro

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