Yewa the Queen of the dead

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Yewa the Queen of the dead

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Yewa was a beautiful maiden who lived isolated in the castle of her father, Oddudua. News of her beauty and virtue reached the ears of Chango who decided to seduce her and made a bet to that effect. He sneaked in the castle and started arranging the flowers in her garden. Yewa looked out of the window, saw Chango and fell in love. He came up and made love to her and won his bet. When Oddudua found out he was very angry and Yewa asked for forgiveness and also to be sent away where no man could ever see her. Oddudua then made Yewa the Queen of the dead. You can find her living in cemeteries.

Yewa is depicted as an old lady, very chaste and who prohibits her chidren from indulging in sex. Her servants are also old maids or barren women. No one can be naked in her presence or talk about love or even talk loudly or act rudely. She dresses in pink with pink beads. Her children are older women, very severe and dominant and demanding. They are always moralising and abhor any type of carnal games.

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