Obba is a river deity like Oshun

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Obba is a river deity like Oshun

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Obba is a river deity like Oshun and also the rightful wife of Chango. That's the reason Oshun was so jealous and tricked Obba into cutting off her right ear for the love of Chango. This caused Chango to abandon her, though he swore never to take a wife again. Obba is a very sad Orisha, longing for the love of Chango, which she can never have again. Her color is pink.

Obba, Yewa and Oya form the Orisha trilogy that inhabit the cemeteries thus they are also known as "las muerteras." Obba is also the owner of all lakes and ponds. They were formed from the tears she shed when she lost Chango. Her number is nine and her day is Friday. Obba is the symbol of conjugal fidelity and she is represented as a sensual young woman with a firm body.

Obba's beads are pink and yellow and sometimes purple and lilac. Her animals are doves, hens and she goats. She protects you from diseases of the bones and the ears.

Obba's childrens are women who are brave and misunderstood. They are usually very suscessful in the material plane and are often mililtant feminists. She is asssociated with Santa Rita of Casia (patron saint of the impossible), Santa Rita of Sienna and the Virgen of Carmen

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