Oya is a warrior Orisha

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Oya is a warrior Orisha

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Oya is a warrior Orisha and she is the keeper of the entrance of the cemeteries and the guardian of the gate of death. She is also the Orisha of the wind, the owner of the lightning and one of the trilogy of the female Orishas who are the keepers of the cemetery. Oya is violent and fierce and loves war and acompanies Chango in his campaigns, She fights with an army of spirits and wields the lighning and also two swords. She wears a nine color skirt.

Oya was the wife of Oggun until Chango took her as an act of revenge on his half brother. Once with her, though, Chango fell in love and Oya is said to be his favorite wife. Her color is wine and hers are flowery designs. Her number is nine. Her necklaces are of brown beads with black and white lines. Also others are lilac with yellow. Her children are violent, powerful and authoritarian women, very voloptuous and sensual. They can be extremely faithful although they might enjoy and extramarital adventure now and then. They are also very jealous.

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