Oggun is a major orisha

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Oggun is a major orisha

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Oggun is a major orisha, brother of Chango and Eleggua. He is violent and clever. He is the god of war and the god of metals. Without him civilization comes to a stop. He is an incurable workoholic and is responsible for making the wheel of progress turn. His colors are green and black, his numbers three and seven. He is the god of minerals, mountains and tools. He is the patron saint of soldiers, mechanics, engineers and chemists. He is one of the Yoruba's oldest personifications

He is said to be responsible for car accidents where blood is shed. He is also a mighty warrior and his battles with his half brother Chango are legendary. Oggun necklace are made with alternating black and green beads. His children are violent and impulsive men who don't easily forgive an offense. They never run from a fight or become hopeless or give in to despair. They are difficult people to deal with but their sincerity and honesty make people forget their faults.

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