The first Orisha created by Olodumare

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The first Orisha created by Olodumare

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:48 pm

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The first Orisha created by Olodumare. The perfect human being and the ideal we should all aspire to be. He is the symbol of purity and peace and of all that is right with the world. He is the creator of the world and the esculpturer of humanity. He is pure deity and owner of the color white, all of our thoughts and all our dreams.

He is the Father of all the Orishas and also of mankind. He rules over the mind and over all thoughts. He is the King of the White Cloth and his color is white. His number is eight. He has dozens and dozens of aspects and in each one he has a different name. In some of his aspects he is female. He is his own wife as Yemmu and Oddudua, thus reinforcing his aspect as the perfect human being, both male and female.

Obatala always dresses in white. He protects you agains blindness, paralisis and dementia. He is syncretized Virgen of the Mercedes and in some of his paths with Jesus the Nazarene. Obatala wears a crown with sixteen parekeet feathers. His symbols are the sun and the moon, his metals silver and platinum. His day is September 24. His children are steady people of great determination and very trustworthy. They are reserved and do not complain over the results of their desicions

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