Babalu Aye is the Orisha of disease and healing

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Babalu Aye is the Orisha of disease and healing

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Babalu Aye is the Orisha of disease and healing. He is represented as a beggar in sackcloth and walks with the aid of crutches. He has a dog by his side. A small bag filled with corn is slung across his chest. In Santeria he is represented by Saint Lazarus, who came back from the dead. He is a most powerful Orisha and can give wealth, health and prosperity to his followers. He is usually associated with smallpox, leprosy and other skin diseases. In modern times, he is associated with AIDS and people pray to him to spare them.

It is said that Babalu Aye was punished by Olofi for laying with a woman on a Holy Day and thus violating the sacred. He was killed and only brought back to life by the pleading of Oshun. In anger Babalu Aye is quick and terrible, a most formidable enemy. His number is seventeen and his colors lavender, black and brown. He is dressed in burlap adorned by many cowry shells.

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