Oshun is the goddess of love

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Oshun is the goddess of love

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A major Orisha. She is the most beautiful among the beautiful. Oshun is the goddess of love and lust and of love of gold and of lust of gold. She is also the goddess of marriage and the deity of rivers and of sweet river water. She is also a patroness of the arts, especially the dance. Her number is five and her colors white and yellow. She is associated with our Lady of Mercy, "La Virgen de la Caridad," patron saint of Cuba. Her affair with Chango is one of the most famous patakis and the basis of "The Orishas Are Coming to America."

Oshun is posessive but does not smother the men in her life. She is a very beautiful woman who is regularly checking herself in a hand mirror. She is the owner of love and of femininity and of the rivers and the water of life. She is the symbol grace and feminine sexuality. She is a wife of Chango and intimate friend of Eleggua, who loves and protects her. She is represented with a caramel complexion, very beautiful, lively, a great dancer, always happy and loves to party. Her beads are yellow or made of amber. Her children are nice and lively and also love to party. They adore perfumes, jewlry and good clothes. They are very sensual but try not to offend public opinion, as they consider it to be of uppermost importance. They are social climbers and very motivated to succeed.

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