Chango is the Master of Fire, Thunder and Lighning

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Chango is the Master of Fire, Thunder and Lighning

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Chango is the Master of Fire, Thunder and Lighning and one of the most popular Orishas. Chango has twelve paths or aspects and he is said to have three wives, who are Obba, Oshun and Oya. They are all river deities. Santeros say that Oya, the goddess of the wind, is Chango's favorite wife. In Santeria Chango is personified as Saint Barbara, Saint Mark, Saint Daniel and Saint George.

Chango is a mighty warrior and he is swift in the punishment of evil doers. His epic battles with his brother Oggun are the stuff of legends. His colors are red and white and his numbers are three and seven. He is one of the world's greatest drummers and his capacity for lovemaking is legendary. Chango is said to be an incorrigible womanizer. Hide your sisters for here comes Chango!

Chango has a necklace of red and black beads with one large white bead in the center. The white bead was given to him by Obatala and he wears it with pride. Chango carries a double edge axe. His children are intelligent and brave men, proud and conciouos of their own worth. They don't tolerate oposition and are quick to anger. Womanizer, party goers and libertines, they are the personification of machismo.

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