welcome to the new eva Spiritualawareness

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welcome to the new eva Spiritualawareness

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:08 am

If you have no one to Teach you we are here for you as Elders.........
This Community is open to everyone. If you do not have elders to guide you we are here. This group focuses on spiritual growth. Here you will learn to become more in touch with your Egun/Ancestors/Spiritual Guides. We help to increase psychic awareness. In this group you will get to meet people with all levels of spiritual wisdom, including elders. If you choose, you can make contacts for your spiritual growth. Everyone is welcomed no matter what religious path you practice. Maferefun Egungun and Ocha!! If you are looking to progress spiritually this is the group to join, we are here with much love and peace.Always trust yourself, unconditionally.as it is a new year i think its time we help out people. as i see there is a lot of people in are Religion who is looking for help but do not know where to go. i think this is the year we need to help them.

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